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According to several reports, every household in America has between one and three gallons of undesired paint laying around. There are no official statistics on the amount of unwanted paint in commercial spaces, however, the probability of cans of opened paint being tucked away in storage areas or retail or office spaces is high.

Every opened can of paint left unattended is waiting to be spilled—it’s just a matter of time until it happens, and then you’re left with a big mess to clean up. Alternatively, if they don’t spill, they go to waste, and maybe someone could have used them. Either way, getting rid of old paint in Irving comes with a lot of benefits and a lot of avoided problems or bad situations.

Dallas Paint Disposal is a professional paint disposal company that operates in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Our mission is to safely dispose of unwanted paint in Irving, and avoid any hazardous situations. We offer top quality paint removal services in Irving, that range from residential paint disposal services to commercial paint disposal services.

We recycle paint in Irving intelligently, so you don’t have to waste time researching ways to dispose of old paint. Dallas Paint Disposal has an eco-friendly approach in dealing with old paint disposal. Contact us by phone or fill out our online quote, and we’ll be at your location in no time to recycle your unwanted paint.

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