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Some people might say that painting the walls is relaxing, however, one problem always arises after the paint job is done: what do we do with the opened cans that still have paint in them? Even though there are a couple of legitimate responses, like store them for later or do some research and find ways to dispose of them correctly (because throwing the cans in regular trash bins is not the right way to do things), the best possible answer is: find a reliable Allen Paint Disposal service.

Dallas Paint Disposal operates in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, and we offer quality commercial paint disposal services in Allen, as well as residential paint disposal services in Allen. So, if you have any unwanted and opened paint cans at your business or household, we can dispose of them safely and quickly in an eco-friendly way.

Maybe you hired a company to repaint your office, or did some renovations at home—with Dallas Paint Disposal it doesn’t matter, because our services range from residential to commercial, and we find creative ways of recycling old paint in Allen. We work with different vendors to figure out the best methods of disposing of your unwanted paint.

Recycling old paint is an important part of our business, and so is donating. Another pillar of our paint disposal service in Allen is making sure you avoid any dangerous situations by disposing of opened paint cans in a responsible way. Having opened cans laying around your house, office, or shop can be dangerous, and the chances of spillage are high. Moreover, the paint can also damage the environment or stain your floors, depending on where they leak.

Avoid these risks by contacting us by phone or completing our online quote, and we’ll be at your location in no time to dispose of old and unwanted paint.

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