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According to several reports, American households have somewhere between one and three gallons of undesired paint lying around. Unfortunately, there are no official statistics on the amount of opened and used paint cans lying around in commercial spaces, however, the probability of a high number of them being tucked away in storage areas, retail or office spaces is high.

If you want paint removal services in Colleyville, you have to choose trustworthy professionals who will dispose of your paint in a competent and efficient way. Dallas Paint Disposal is the best paint recycling service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and we are equipped to remove any unused paint from your household or business safely. Aside from residential paint removal services in Colleyville, we also accept paint removal jobs for retail, industrial and office establishments.

Instead of figuring out what to do with tens or hundreds of cans, you’re better off investing your time in something else, and calling a professional team like Dallas Paint Disposal to recycle old paint in Colleyville.

By removing paint safely from your household or business, you support the environment. Plus, when it comes to paint disposal in Colleyville, we also try to find creative ways to recycle your paint correctly. Donating used oil paint and latex paint cans may help those in need to complete their paint jobs. If you are in need of our services, contact us by phone or by completing our online quote.

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