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Whenever we plan to repaint the shed, the kitchen, or one of the rooms in the house, we always end up over-estimating the amount of paint we’re going to need for the job. What normally happens is we find ourselves with a bunch of latex paint cans that are opened and used. Storing residual paint around the house is a temporary solution, and we’ll need to dispose of it sooner or later. Leftover paint is hazardous, not just for us, but for the environment, and if we want to avoid serious problems, such as spillages or unwanted leaks, we’ll need some professional help—and that’s where Dallas Paint Disposal comes in. 

We are a premier Bedford paint disposal company and we operate throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, offering top quality paint removal services, ranging from residential paint removal services in Bedford to commercial paint disposal services in Bedford. It doesn’t matter if your house or shop or office building has excess paint; we can dispose of it easily and in an eco-friendly way.

According to multiple studies, every household in the United States has between one and three gallons of unwanted latex or oil paint. Our homes, basements, or fences are repainted by each and every one of us many times, and we always get stuck with leftover paint that we need to throw away. Dallas Paint Disposal is the best solution if you don’t have time to research ways to dispose of paint the proper way. Plus, we recycle paint in multiple ways: for example, if you have opened paint cans with paint that you don’t use anymore, we make sure to donate it to someone else.

So, don’t hesitate to call us if you’ve opened and used paint cans in your home, retail store, office building, manufacturing plant, or storage space. We are dedicated to protecting the environment by eliminating unnecessary leftover paint, the right way.

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