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Paint Disposal & Recycling
Service in Haltom City

It doesn’t sound enjoyable at all to spend valuable time searching for eco-friendly ways to dispose of leftover paint in Haltom City. That’s why the easiest way of getting rid of remaining paint is by contacting Dallas Paint Disposal. We operate in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, including Haltom City.

We handle both residential paint removal services in Haltom City, as well as industrial paint removal services. Recycling old paint efficiently is a vital part of our business, and it is our goal to help customers safely dispose of unused paint. By using our paint removal services, you prevent damaging the environment and creating unsafe conditions in the event of paint leakage or spillage.

According to multiple reports, every home in the United States has between one and three gallons of undesired paint. To get rid of paint that is no longer of use to you, you need to contact a professional paint recycling service. No job is too big or small for us, and Dallas Paint Disposal is more than happy to pick up your paint in Haltom City and recycle it correctly.

We frequently repaint our homes, basements, or fences, and we always get stuck with leftover paint that needs to be properly thrown away. Dallas Paint Disposal is your best ally when you need to throw away opened paint cans that you don’t need anymore. 

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