I have liquid paint; do you accept liquid paint?

Yes, if it has not been mixed with anything and is standard house paint. We do not accept paint with lead or mercury.

How do you charge?

We charge for all paint based on the container size of paint.

My paint is old, is that okay?

Yes, if it has not been mixed with anything and is standard house paint. We do not accept paint with lead or mercury.

How long does paint stay good?

That really depends on how well you’ve stored your paint. If you’ve kept it in a cool dry place out of the sunlight it may last up to 10 years, however; if you kept it under your back deck it may not last 6 months.

What happens to my paint?

Depending on the condition of the paint and market conditions, paint may be recycled, paint to paint, donated, sold, sent for solidification, used in energy recovery, or other methods of proper disposal.

Why isn't paint disposal free?

It cost a lot of money to collect, transport, and process your old paint.

What if my paint is dry?

Generally, you can treat dried paint as you would your household garbage. Be sure to contact your trash company for specific requirements as some companies have you remove the lid to prove that all paint is dry.

Can I put my paint in the trash can?

If it contains any liquid, no. If it is dry contact your garbage company for specific requirements.

Can I mix all my paint in one big bucket for you?

No, we cannot accept paint once it has been mixed with anything including other paint.

How can I tell if my paint is Latex or Oil / Alkyd based?

Paints are generally referred to as being oil based or water based. If you have trouble determining your paint check its method for cleanup. Soap & Water indicates that it’s water based, whereas mineral spirits or paint thinner indicate that it is oil based.

Also look at the warning label on the container. If it states anything like “Flammable, Combustible, keep away from flames, Vapors may ignite, …” then this is a solvent based paint.

If you are still having trouble determining which type of paint that you have, look for an ingredient list. Typically, it will say water or some type of oil. (i.e. Linseed Oil) Alkyd is oil based.

Behr does have a product that looks like it is oil based, it says, “Oil Penetrating Formula” and then right below it says, “Easy Water Cleanup” this wood stain is a water-soluble formula.

  • Water Soluble Clues
    • Soap and Water Cleanup
    • Ingredient list includes “Water”
    • Warning Label does NOT mention anything about Fire.
    • Factory Packaged in a Metal or Plastic Container
  • Oil / Solvent / Alkyd Based Clues
    • Cleanup with Mineral Spirits / Paint Thinner
    • Ingredient list may include “Linseed Oil”
    • Warning Label – Flammable, Combustible
    • Factory Packaged in a Metal Container

If you are still uncertain please feel free to contact us or call 214-546-8394.

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